The OCEANDREAMS pool has a limited warranty for two years against defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase. It is not warranted against punctures, tears, material fading, or failure due to over-pressure. This warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages due to the use of the pool.

All sales are final, except in the event in the event that the product is deemed to be defective. If a customer has a defective pool claim the product may be returned to OCEANDREAMS MED for evaluation. If OCEANDREAMS MED agrees that the product is defective, a replacement pool will be provided.





We take the pool out of its bag and extend it over the solarium or the swim platform aft.

From one of the 2 corners of the float locate the inflation valves and look for the mooring strap and make temporary attach point while we swell. Once inflated we definitely tie it to the boat while we use it.

To inflate the pool, put the air valves in the closed position and start pumping with the foot pump. While it is inflating, go releasing the pool in the water. We recommend placing the side with the inflation valves, whether it is closest to the boat.

It is recommended not to install the pool in less than 3 meters deep, since the pool has 2.5 m draft, and if the bottom is rocky, due to the effect of waves or tides, the net could get caught in the rocks and the mesh could break.

Once the pool is fully inflated, remove the foot pump and place the valve protection plugs. Put your swim ladder in the pool and tie the rope to the bathroom ladder. Ready!


To collect the pool, first take out the mooring line out of the bathroom ladder. We take the bathroom ladder out of the pool.

We remove the protection plugs from air valves and put the valves in the open position. The pool starts to deflate.

Step by Step we are taking the pool out of the water and allowing the water in the net to go away.

It will always be better to leave the OCEANDREAMS pool, outside in the sun to dry it, about 15 ‘and then save it until the next use. Once in the mooring, you must remove the salt with a good hose of fresh water.



Before to store your pool, rinse abundantly with fresh water and let it dry completely in the sun.

To fold it, place the pool on a clear surface, open the valves and start rolling the pool on the long sides leaving the side with the valves free to evacuate the remaining air in the float. Take the net from time to time to continue rolling.

Once finished and fully rolled, we return to place the air valves in the closed position for storage, and put the protection plugs of the valves.

We bend the net over the valves to protect them and put the pool in your bag.

It is ready to be stored!




The OCEANDREAMS pool must be used responsibly, as injuries could occur if the necessary precaution is not taken. The captain of the boat should warn crew and guests, especially children, that under no circumstances should dive or jump into the pool. In particular, always use a swim ladder, never jump from the boat to the pool as it is very easy to slip, hit or fall on another person, even hit the seabed. Pools are not safe for diving and if the tidal bottom is too variable in depth, serious injuries can result.



Under no circumstances can the boat’s engines be running while the pool is in the water. The net could become entangled in the propeller, destroying itself and causing injuries to the swimmers.


The pools need only 3-4 psi to stay well inflated. They should be inflated with a standing inflator.

It is easy to overcome this pressure if we blow it with a compressor. The use of a compressor will void the pool warranty.

Ø This product should never be used by children except under the supervision of an adult

Ø This product is not a Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

Ø People who need to use a Personal Float Device (PFD) to swim must carry a PFD in a pool

Ø Always pick up the pool before any storm

Ø Read these instructions before using


Since the mesh network is not an impermeable barrier, it is theoretically possible that some stingers could feel through the net if there is direct contact with a jellyfish or its stinging tentacles. There is no guarantee that a user cannot be stung through the pool network. Due to the slight possibility that someone could be stung through the network, we do not recommend that use by people, who, for physical or emotional reasons, cannot tolerate the risk of a jellyfish sting. The mesh of the net in the pools is porous so that the water can flow through.



The pool has a one year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship. It is not guaranteed against punctures, breaks, molten material or damage due to overpressure. This warranty does not cover misuse of this product. The seller and the manufacturer will not be responsible for accidental damage or due to the misuse of a pool.