Jellyfish Protection System


Swim without getting stung


Easy & simple to use

How does it work?

There is no better protection against Jellyfish & it’s also a new water toy to have fun on board.  TOTALY ECOLOGICAL, NO CHEMICAL PRODUCTS!

The OCEANDREAMS pool is an additional element of security on board of your boat, which provides and allows the most secure and relaxing bath in the sea in any place and at any time, even at night.

The OCEANDREAMS pool is a light, compact and portable anti-jellyfish protection system that is completely safe and totally recyclable.

The OCEANDREAMS pool is supported by an inflatable float ring from which hangs a very fine and weighted mesh net that keeps it submerged. Thanks to its mooring points, you can place it as an extension of the bathing platform, or, on the side of the boat.

The OCEANDREAMS pool also keeps small children nearby, safe and protected.

The OCEAN DREAMS pool will also delight adults and children as this is the prefect place to play in the sea or having a drink safely and freshly.

The pool is delivered with a ventilated bag for storage and includes a foot pump, and a repair set, easy to store and quick to use and keep.

The pool itself forms a closed area, which gives it extra security when children are on board, but also for everyone as they are protected from jellyfish, fish, adjacent boats, boat traffic in coves, dirt, plastics, it brings a lot of tranquillity, allow more space around the boat, privacy and fun, what about to be floating and having a chilly drink,  this will make our stays on board even more pleasant.

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Who we are

OCEANDREAMS MEDITERRANEO SL, brings value and experience in the rental and sale of new and used yachts since 1992. With all this experience, its founders Beatrice LAFAILLE and Georges SEOANE from the side of users and lovers of the sea and navigation, develop new products and ideas to increase the pleasure on board during the days on the boat and offer more fun and play with total security.

Our main activity is the CHARTER and the BROKERAGE, where our long experience gives us many satisfied customers, that over the years we can already say, friends, that year after year they entrust us their vacations by boat. Without them, our business trajectory would not have been possible. Our main fleet is based in Mallorca and Ibiza.

“Twenty years from now you will miss the things you did not do more than the things you did. So let loose, tie away from the monotony, catch favorable winds … and Explore, Discover, Dream …