DINO Ocean Pool with jellyfish, stingers, total protection


Our inflatable Ocean Pool Pool with jellyfish total protection is the most complete safe and sustainable jellyfish total protection system. Our inflatable  ocean Pool  is durable, lightweight and portable. The pool is a safe play area for children and the place to be relaxed on the inflatables floating mattress.


DIMENSIONS: 6 meters x 5 meters, with an area of 30 m2 and a depth of 2.20 m, suitable for super yachts and yacht with lengths over 28 m.


1 minute: Less than 2 minutes with electric pump inflation.

4 minutes: Deflated in less than 4 minutes

2 minutes: Folded in less than 2 minutes.

Nº: ES 1238997U


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Our inflatable Sea Pool with jellyfish and stingers total protection is specially designed for the bigger yachts and pocket superyachts. The inflatable Ocean pool brings you safety, careless and a calm swimming. The materials employed, have the most quality, using tubes in PVC with certified UV protection. The net is made with a fine and dense protective mesh, in white color to give clarity to the water contained in the pool, for those who are afraid of dark water or depth.

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