The sun, the beach, sailing and anchoring in a cove, fun, relaxation, sometimes is not always the pleasant thing we want. For some years, the appearance of jellyfish on our beaches has become more frequent and we have to be aware of their presence if we do not want to have a scare, at best.

The conditions of increased salinity and seawater temperatures, pollution and fertilizers reaching the sea along with the progressive disappearance of their natural predators such as turtles and other species due to overexploitation of the oceans, have produced this great increase in quantity and frequency of these annoying and in some cases dangerous jellyfish.

This situation is increasing, and for recreational boat users, we have developed a floating, inflatable pool, which completely eliminates this problem.

As users of rental boats on our vacations, it has often happened to us to have to change beaches due to the presence of a multitude of jellyfish, which made bathing very disturbing and stressful, due to the fear of being bitten.

This has given rise to the development of a solution for this concern shared by many users of pleasure craft. Until now the solutions and not always effective, were putting on a suit of a very thin neoprene, which in summer is really uncomfortable and limiting or lotions that serve really little and that do not stop being chemical products on the skin that can have reactions skin diseases depending on the skin and the effects of sun and salt.


Our solution, is the most logical, has been to create a three-dimensional enclosure completely closed and submerged with a ring as a float. The mesh of the net submerged, prevents any contact with the jellyfish and its long filaments, providing tranquility when bathing large and small. Another of its characteristics is that it also protects from having contact with other floating elements, such as fuel from boats, plastics, floating organic matter, algae, etc. For children, it is also a play area, which keeps them protected from traffic of other boats in movement, given the great visibility of the pool.

It is offered in 2 sizes, M (4×3) m and XL (5×4) m With the pool size M, we cover the boats with lengths up to 17m and are suitable for about 6 pax comfortably. The XL pool is more suitable for larger boats up to 30m.


The pool comes in a bag the size of a suitcase we use to travel in the cabin of the plane. It is inflated with a manual inflator in just 4 minutes, while we are on the ship’s platform. Once swollen, we throw it into the water and set it aft with the swim ladder that we introduce inside and with a rope to a cleat on the other side.

To store it, we deflate it and let it dry, putting it inside the dinghy. Once arrived in port, a hose of fresh water while we washed the boat and put it back into the dinghy to dry until its next use. Once the bathing season is over, it is stored in your bag until next year.